HCIC’s unique geographic service area led us to pioneer a telepsychiatry network to increase member access to psychiatric services and to improve our providers’ ability to recruit and retain practitioners. HCIC serves as a telemed training site for providers throughout the country and has helped draft national standards and best practices for this service delivery technology. Today HCIC is a national leader with an award-winning telemedicine program, which provides members in remote areas with access to psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners, as well as to American Sign Language interpreters. With more than 100,000 patient telepsychiatry appointments since its inception, our telemedicine network includes 80 sites in Arizona.

In 2013, HCIC added 6 new sites at CCC in Snowflake; WYGC in Hillside PHS; SBHS in Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City and Kingman; and CFSS in Tempe.

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