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HCIC contracts with providers who share their values of respect, integrity, excellence, and compassion. We select agencies and counselors who offer the highest quality of care, practice with your recovery in mind, make your health choice their priority, and honor all cultures, traditions, and diverse populations of adults and children. To find a provider near you, use the search tool below.

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Health Choice Integrated Care can also help you choose a provider from within the provider network. If you need help with scheduling your appointments, contact HCIC customer service at 1-800-640-2123. You will need to contact the provider to make, change, or cancel your appointments. If you are not happy with the provider you chose, contact HCIC customer service at 1-800-640-2123 to discuss the situation.

If a provider leaves the HCIC network, HCIC provides written notice of a termination of that contracted provider within 15 days after receipt or issuance of the termination notice to each member who received behavioral health care from, or was seen on a regular basis by, the terminated provider [42 CFR 438.10(f)(5)]. Affected members are informed of any other changes in the network 30 days prior to the implementation date of the change [42 CFR 438.10(f)(4)].