Provider Notices

HCIC Provider Notices

August August 2018 Tips and Tricks: Behavioral Health vs. Physical Health
July NOTICE: AHCCCS Rescinds the Prohibition of Handwriting and No sum of all fees on Claims Forms
SAVE THE DATE: Health Choice Provider Town Hall – July 2018
Tips and Tricks: Depression
REMINDER: Health Choice Policy for AHCCCS Copays
June NOTICE: Vaccine for Children Provider Enrollment
REMINDER: Health Choice Provider Town Hall
May Health Choice Provider Town Hall- June 2018
April Health Choice Moving to Roche ACCU-CHEK Blood Glucose Testing Supplies
REMINDER: Health Choice Provider Town Hall – April 2018
Steward Health Choice awarded North and Central Geographic Service Areas
Health Choice Provider Town Hall – April 2018
AHCCCS Rules and Policy regarding Billing Requirements for Drugs Administered in Outpatient Clinical Settings
Steward Health Choice Arizona – New Name, New Logo!
March The CORE Institute – Contract Termination Rescission
Reminder: Health Choice Provider Town Halls – March 2018
AHCCCS Rules and Policy regarding billing for Arizona Physicians and Mid-Level Practitioners
February Save the Date: Health Choice March Provider Forums in Mohave County
January HCIC Notice of Delayed PA Criteria
December Family Planning Service (LARC)
Pharmacy Changes – Drug List and Medication PA
November AHCCCS Demographic and Outcomes Data Set User Guide RFI
YH18-0043 Questions & Answers Form
October Change in Coverage for Dental Services and Outpatient Occupational Therapy Services for Members Who are 21 Years and Older
PA Grid Update Effective 11/02/2017
     September PA Grids & Process Updates
Updated Physician Office Lab Testing (POLT) List Effective 10/1
Change in Pain Management Providers
Reminder: January 2017 Updates to SMI Evaluation/Decertification Forms
Management of Dental Expedited Prior Authorization
August  PA Grid & Process Updates Effective 10/1/2017
July 2017 Changes to Covered Services Guide
Reminder: Management of Expedited Prior Authorization Request
July The Targeted Investments (TI) Program Opportunity
Health Choice Provider Forum August 25, 2017
June Policy Notice Update: Management of Expedited PA Requests
Change in Minimum Subcontract Provisions
May Change in Transportation Services Provider
April Additional Upgrades to Health Choice Provider Portal
Notice Regarding Prior Authorization Update
Prior Authorization Update FAQs
March 7-Day Supply Limit for Short-Acting Opioids Effective April 1, 2017
Updated Prior Authorization Grids Effective 4/1/2017
February Notice on Health Choice Payment Processing Documentation
AHCCCS Request for Information
Update to SMI Evaluation/Decertification Forms
Improvements to Health Choice Provider Portal
January Updates to ICD-10 Codes for Medically Necessary Deliveries Less than 39 Weeks
Updated OB ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes
Prior Authorization Grid Updates Effective 1/1/2017
Makena Prior Authorization No Longer Submitted to Medical PA Department
Change in Contracted Labs
AHCCCS Methadone Coverage Clarification
November Provider Escalation Notice
October Change in Minimum Subcontract Provisions
September Important Changes to HCIC PA Guidelines Notice
AHCCCS Conducting a Provider Survey Notice
July New Signature Needed for Medical PA Form Notice
May Employment Group Services Modifier Notice
January HCIC CDT AHCCCS Fee Schedule
October Notice on Submission of Acute and Behavioral Claims