OIFA Endorses Statewide Closed Facebook Page for Certified Peer Support

The Office of Individuals and Family Affairs (OIFA), a department of AHCCCS, is endorsing a statewide Facebook page specific to Certified Peer Supports. The “Recovery Support Specialist of Arizona” Facebook page is a closed group that began in Southern Arizona, but is now accepting friends from all over the state of Arizona. The purpose of the page is to provide a resource for Certified Peers by offering the following:


  • Seek and share resources
  • Network with other peers
  • Post job listings
  • Address workplace challenges
  • Seek peer support
  • Collectively address system issues concerning peer support in the state


I’m a Certified Peer Support, how can I join?

The “Recovery Support Specialist of Arizona” Facebook page is not public, so you will not be able to find it if you were to enter it into the search toolbar. Those interested must be invited either via email or by a current member of the group that they are friends with on Facebook.

Another option to join the statewide peer support page is to enter in “RSS Arizona” into the Facebook search toolbar and send a friend request. After the request is sent, you will be added within 24 hours to the group. To avoid confusion, please look for the following profile picture for the “RSS Arizona” page:


For a flyer provided by the “Recovery Support Specialist of Arizona” please click here.