Rights and Responsibilities

Health Choice Integrated Care members all share the below rights and responsibilities.

You have the right to:

  • Be treated fairly and with respect regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, mental or physical disability, sex, age, sexual preference, or ability to pay;
  • Participate in making your service plan;
  • Include any persons you wish in your treatment;
  • Have your protected health information kept private;
  • Get your services in a safe place;
  • Make an advance directive;
  • Agree to or refuse treatment services, unless the services are court ordered;
  • Get information in your own language or have it translated;
  • File a complaint, appeal or grievance without penalty;
  • Receive good care from providers who know how to take care of you;
  • Choose a provider within the HCIC network;
  • Use your rights with no negative action by the Arizona Department of Health Services or HCIC and;
  • The same civil and legal rights as anyone else.

You also have the right to request and obtain the following information at any time:

  • Receive a Member Handbook at least annually from your provider (Responsible Agency) or HCIC;
  • The name, location, and telephone number of the current providers in your service area that speak a language other than English and the name of the language(s) spoken;
  • The name, location, and telephone number of the current providers in your service area that are not accepting new members;
  • Any limits of your freedom of choice among network providers;
  • Your rights and protections;
  • A description of how after-hours and emergency coverage is provided;
  • A description of what is an emergency medical condition and what are emergency and post stabilization services;
  • The process for getting emergency services, including the use of the 911 telephone system or local emergency numbers;
  • The location of providers and hospitals that provide emergency and post stabilization services;
  • Your right to use any hospital or other setting for emergency care;
  • Your right to get emergency services without prior approval;
  • The amount, duration, and scope of your benefits;
  • The process for getting services, including approval requirements;
  • The extent to which, and how, you may get benefits from out-of-network providers;
  • The rules for post stabilization care services;
  • Cost sharing, if any;
  • How and where to access services including any cost sharing required and how transportation can be provided;
  • Advanced directives;
  • The structure and operation of the Arizona Department of Health Services;
  • Physician incentive plans, and;
  • The grievance, appeal, and fair hearing procedures and timeframes.

To request any of this information, contact HCIC customer service at 1-800-640-2123; for hearing impaired, please use the Arizona Relay Service at 711 or 1-800-367-8939 or Internet assistance at http://www.azrelay.org/.

To learn more about your rights, visit the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System’s Office of Human Rights website.

Additional Resources:
 AHCCCS Office of Human Rights Brochure – English
AHCCCS Office of Human Rights Brochure – Spanish
AHCCCS Appeal or SMI Grievance Form

You have the responsibility to:

  • Give information needed for your care to your providers;
  • Follow instructions and guidelines from your providers;
  • Know the name of your Clinical Liaison;
  • Schedule appointments during regular office hours when possible limiting the use of Urgent Care and Emergency Room facilities;
  • Arrive on time for appointments;
  • Tell providers if you have to cancel an appointment before the scheduled time;
  • Participate in creating your Service Plan;
  • Be aware of your rights;
  • Assist in moving towards your recovery;
  • Take care of yourself; and
  • Treat others with respect and work cooperatively with others