Member FAQ

Health Choice Integrated Care is a partnership between NARBHA and Health Choice Arizona. NARBHA has been the regional behavioral health authority (RBHA) in northern Arizona for almost 50 years. Health Choice Arizona is an AHCCCS health plan provider. Health Choice Arizona has been covering primary (medical) care for many individuals and families in northern and eastern Arizona. In fact, NARBHA and Health Choice have been working together for a number of years to help members feel better by improving their physical health. This new partnership now helps all members to benefit from a “whole health” approach.
NARBHA will become Health Choice Integrated Care (HCIC) on October 1, 2015. Until then, NARBHA will continue as the current RBHA in Mohave, Coconino, Yavapai, Navajo, and Apache counties through September 30, 2015. All current services will remain the same.
Integrated healthcare is an approach that treats you as a whole person. If you or a family member struggles with a mental illness, you know it can be difficult to take care of your physical health. Also, a physical illness can sometimes make symptoms of mental illness feel worse. That is why it is important to treat them together.

In some cases, integrated healthcare puts your doctors and nurses on the same team as your psychiatrists, therapists, caseworkers, and pharmacists. Your entire care team will work together on a treatment plan that addresses all of your health needs. In other cases, your mental healthcare provider and your medical doctor might provide your services separately but coordinate those services by communicating on a regular basis about your treatment goals, your medications, and your care.

A RBHA is a Regional Behavioral Health Authority. RBHA is pronounced ree-bah. A RBHA manages behavioral healthcare services that the state makes available at low or no cost for people whose health and income qualify for these benefits. Arizona’s Medicaid program, also called AHCCCS (pronounced like “access”) pays for these services. AHCCCS stands for the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System.

A RBHA manages a network of local providers. These providers include doctors, counselors, peer support specialists, housing, and employment specialists, and case managers. RBHAs and providers work as a team to create programs for:

  • Adults with substance abuse and general mental health disorders
  • Adults who live with serious mental illness
  • Children with serious emotional disturbances
If you are eligible for AHCCCS, you automatically become a member of the RBHA in the area where you live.

The Department of Health, Division of Behavioral Health Services has a helpful document that tells you who can become a member and how to do so. That document also has many helpful resources and phone numbers for people who can answer your questions if you need more information.

The website address for the document is:

If you do not have access to the Internet, call Health Choice Integrated Care member services at 1-800-640-2123, and we will help you.

No. Children currently receiving RBHA services will continue to receive behavioral health services through their current providers. The only difference is that the RBHA is now called Health Choice Integrated Care. Other AHCCCS services will remain the same.
These terms all describe medical services that take care of your physical health. In this document, we use the term physical services or medical doctor most often.
Health Choice Integrated Care will continue to use NARBHA’s network of behavioral health providers. If you are seeing a behavioral health provider with NARBHA, nothing will change. Health Choice Integrated Care will also use Health Choice Arizona’s network of physical health providers. As a result, most members will be able to stay with their current doctors. Health Choice Integrated Care will add providers in Gila and Graham counties. This will offer more choices for members who live there.

Health Choice Integrated Care has created three programs to help meet the needs of our members. Each program is based on our integrated healthcare approach. These programs include: Recover Wellness Premier Integrated Care, Coordinated Behavioral Health Care, and Health Choice Generations. Read below to learn which of these programs provides the right care for you and what changes you may notice.

Coordinated Behavioral Health Care Program

For members who receive services for general mental health and/or substance use disorders:

  • Your primary care and behavioral healthcare plans remain separate.
  • You will receive behavioral health coverage through Health Choice Integrated Care and physical health coverage from your current AHCCCS health plan.
  • We will improve how your behavioral healthcare provider coordinates your care with your medical doctors.

Health Choice Generations Program

Health Choice Integrated Care also provides an option for members who receive BOTH Medicaid and Medicare Part A & B, and Part D. This is called Dual-eligibility. This option helps members by:

  • Combining your Medicaid and Medicare coverage under a single plan;
  • Answering your questions about your Medicare and Medicaid coverage in the same phone call;

For more information regarding Health Choice Generations call 800-656-8991 (TTY 711), 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., 7 days a week.

Recover Wellness Premier Integrated Care program

Health Choice Integrated Care created the Recover Wellness Premium Integrated Care program for members who experience for the most significant behavioral health needs. Members in this plan have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness and one or more chronic illnesses such as diabetes or heart disease. They must qualify for AHCCCS benefits. Benefits of this program include:

  • You will be enrolled automatically.
  • Your behavioral and physical healthcare services will be combined under this single plan.
  • You will receive a new Health Choice Integrated Care member identification card. You will receive your new card in the mail before October 1, 2015. Please contact us if you do not receive a new ID card. We will send you a replacement ID card as quickly as possible.
  • You can choose to receive services in one of our Integrated Health Homes. This means you will receive your behavioral and physical healthcare together in the same location.
  • You may choose to receive your physical healthcare services from a doctor outside an Integrated Health Home. The doctor you choose will still need to be part of Health Choice Integrated Care’s network. We will still integrate your behavioral health care with the care you receive from your medical doctor.
  • If your medical doctor is not a member of Health Choice Integrated Care’s network, we will cover your doctor’s services until at least September 30, 2016. During this time, we will work with your doctor to join our network.

Please see Health Choice Integrated Care’s Recover Wellness FAQ for more details on this plan.

Health Choice Integrated Care wants to involve members and families in their care. We encourage you to drive your own treatment planning. You can even become a provider of peer-delivered services. We also encourage you and your family to help fight stigma, improve the system, and make your care plan better. Our Office of Individual and Family Affairs leads this effort. We make sure we have peer and family involvement at all levels of our system.

We are working with the Arizona Peer and Family Coalition to find peer and family representatives to take part in many of our committees.   We are also looking for input to help in the RBHA transition efforts. Examples of our committees include the Recovery Action, Culture and Diversity, Integrated Clinical Care and Quality Management.

To get involved now, please contact the Arizona Peer and Family Coalition at You also may contact the Community Engagement Committee at If you have questions about these committees, you may also contact us at 1-928-774-7128 or toll free at 1-877-923-1400.

Health Choice Integrated Care will improve coordination of care between your behavioral healthcare providers and medical doctors. However, full integrated care is available only to members who qualify for the Recover Wellness Integrated Care program. The Recover Wellness Program was created for members who are diagnosed with a serious mental illness and one or more chronic illnesses, such as diabetes or heart disease.

Additional options for medical healthcare coverage can be found through AHCCCS at and the federal marketplace website at If you have questions, you may also contact our Customer Service department for help at 1-928-774-7128 or toll free at 1-877-923-1400.

Possibly. You may see a doctor in one of our clinics if Health Choice Arizona is your AHCCCS health plan. You may also see a doctor in one of our clinics if you are in any other physical health plan (including AHCCCS) that includes our clinic in its network. For more information, contact your health plan’s customer service and ask if the clinic is included in their network.
We are taking steps to make sure you receive the most current news and updates about the transition to Health Choice Integrated Care.

Over the coming months, Health Choice Integrated Care will notify current members in writing about changes that will take place starting October 1, 2015. During that time, we will conduct events and meetings in your community. We also will be working with community organizations and the media. This includes work with many of the medical providers in your community.

We recommend you keep all of the information you receive in the same place, such as in a file folder or envelope. You can also contact any of the providers in NARBHA’s current network.

If you are enrolled in the Coordinated Care program, Health Choice Integrated Care will manage your behavioral healthcare services instead of Cenpatico.

If you are enrolled in our Recover Wellness program, your transition to Health Choice Integrated Care should be smooth and easy. We will use Health Choice Arizona’s large network of providers in these counties. This means you can keep seeing the providers you are used to.

If your medical doctor is not currently in Health Choice Integrated Care’s network, you may choose to switch doctors as of October 1, 2015. You may also choose to stay with your current medical doctor at least until September 30, 2016. If you choose to stay with your current provider, we will cover those services. During this time, we will work with your doctor to join our network.